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When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful

by The United Sons of Toil

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Too many stars have gone out. Clean off the bare shelves; your leaders fail. Question the locked doors; young skin's too pale. Blood rushes through you. Blood rushin' through you. Too many stars have gone out. I can't control. I didn't cause. I can't cure it. Filth for the cleaning; blot out the sun. Ticket is shaking; this is the one. Blood rushes through you. Blood rushin' through you.
Rats and black boys. Dissension. Coins and schoolyards. Dissension. Horizon line chokes off my hate. Television man tells me to wait. Rage from ghettos. Contention. Votes with bonfires. Contention.
Intentions burn. Understand? On moment of silence. One moment of hope. Police line is breaking, destroying all hope. What did you leave? You'll bury your dead when you get home. The state will take everything you own. The rivers choke, the jungles burn. Ancestral lands now have to earn
You grew up with acquiescence. What did you learn from all the chaos? You're writing stories for freedom fighters. But you don't really think it's justice. Strong ideas aren't strong enough. The old guard wheezes out its sickness. The country recoils. You rot in prison. What did you learn from all the chaos? You're shouting. You're shouting. You know this city — it's all about the the shouting.
The young men march on shining paths. Breathing new life. Insight grows dim. Cutting them down. Clearing the land. Whose anger did you voice? And did you walk away? And did you feel you want to rule the world? The shining path, it beckons. A new life stirs inside. You’ll never buy hegemony. The decadence unfolded. The silence gnawed within. You dreamed of foment and of war. You call to question training. Your father’s scriptures swell. The gallows beckon you no more.
Mouth of bile. Violence mounting. Prepare for rapture. Who's counting? A billion leaders. Righteous thinking. Famine's calling. Disease is sinking. Without the sword. Our sun is sinking. What are you looking for? It's righteous thinking. What are you looking for?
You kiss the blackened eye. A boy kills his first man. A girl tells her first lie. Scars. The change never comes. Scars. The mine field's at home. We want to wake. You strike with open hand. Addiction wonders why. A nation takes a stand.
Get it started. Your scars. Pushing forward, looking backward. The walls, the psalms, the guns, the stars — water. Pushing tractors, lauding doctors. Your scars. Get it started.
How do we live? And how do we fail? Sharpshooter’s gotten some doubts on his mind. His village is closer and closer to law. Foot soldiers dragging their feet to the crime. Their houses are built on foundations of straw. How do we live? And how do we fail? One little thing — you’re not alone. One fucking thing — you’re not alone. The sand flows black. Crisis of faith to come until the desert blooms. Repress the greatest war — crisis of faith to come. Guard well the sin within — crisis of faith to come.


The story is one of an oppressed and hopeless people. Pushed to the brink by corruption and squalid, inequitable conditions, they resort to violence. As they struggle, they convince themselves that their violence is justified and, in fact, that they have no other choice. When they come to power, they face the same problems as those they replaced and become oppressors themselves. Dissension within the new order sets the cycle in motion again.

Fundamental societal change can emerge only through radical individual change.


released March 5, 2011

All Songs by The United Sons of Toil (cc by-sa). unitedsonsoftoil.com

Bill Borowski: Bass, Vocals
Russell Emerson Hall: Guitar, Vocals
Jason Jensen: Drums

Basic tracks recorded by Ricky Riemer at Science Of Sound, Madison WI. Additional recording and mixing by Russell Hall and Jason Jensen at Flannel Jammies. Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering, Chicago. Cover art: “Martha the Mayoress at the Destruction of the Novgorod Veche” by Klavdiy Vasilievich Lebedev, 1889.




The United Sons of Toil Madison, Wisconsin

Precision Midwestern noise-rock delivered by populist theoreticians.

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